Hello! I'm Kinjal.

I am a product designer and a researcher with a prior background in interior architecture. I craft experiences, strategies, services and spaces. As a designer I strive to understand how certain design elements evoke strong emotions and connect with users.

PS: Designing for children has a special place in my heart.


Empowering at-risk refugee children to be their own safety superheroes

Research | UX | Strategy | Social Impact

JPMorgan Chase

Envisioning the future of the Chase Pay digital wallet and rewards system

Research | UX | UI | Strategy


Exploring new cities like a local using their bikeshare networks

Content Strategy | UX | UI

Un-Urban Experiments

Designing a solution for a remote community near the arctic circle to battle long dark winters

Research | UX | Architecture | Social Impact


Experiencing the detrimental effects of human activities on the ecosystem

UX | Physical Computing | Product Design