I am a product designer and a researcher with three years of startup and in-house experience and more than three years of related interdisciplinary design experience.NEWLINEScroll down for an overview of some of my recent work. For detailed case-studies, please reach out to me at kinjaldotshah@gmail.com
Hi, I’m Kinjal.
This is Ukko’s main product: a prescriptive agriculture analytics platform. It analyses fields’ weather, soil, and crop data through IoT devices and advises farmers on crop health.NEWLINEI led the end-to-end process from research to experience and visual design. I also worked on content strategy and copywriting and initiated the company’s first-ever design system. The product was launched in early 2020 and currently it serves customers in 6 countries across the world.
Agro Dashboard
This is a backstage to Ukko’s main product. I’m working as a sole designer and a researcher on a cross-functional team of 13, responsible for a complete redesign of this B2B SaaS tool. The tool enables companies and sales agents to set up farms for their customers across the world.NEWLINECompared to its earlier version, the redesign bridges the gap between the online and in-farm setups, allows collaboration, provides equitable experience for a variety of farming practices across the world, and makes overall experience faster and smoother.
Account Manager
Under the umbrella of CivicTechTO, I’m co-leading this weekly volunteer-run project on data governance. The goal is to create a grassroots way that enables Torontonians to participate in conversations around their data, shifting the policy-making influence from governments and corporations into their hands. I’m leading the UX research team and serving as a facilitator.
Our Data Futures
In this internship, I worked on envisioning the future of the Chase Pay digital wallet and rewards system. I contributed to brainstorming sessions, synthesized research to identify a target user group, designed a prototype, took notes during usability testing, and helped develop strategies for the future roadmap.
JPMorgan Chase
This four-week long project explored how voice, tone, and diversity of content affects readers’ perception of the NYT. Using the insights gleaned from preliminary research shared by the NYT, 12 in-person interviews, and 79 survey responses, we reimagined the mobile app experience to increase digital subscriptions. Our team was advised by the then VP of Design at the NYT.
New York Times
MightyUs is a play workshop that empowers at-risk refugee children of ages 7 to 10 to exercise vigilance in refugee camps. Through interactive storytelling, games, and songs, they learn to assess risks, practice caution, and be their own safety superheroes.NEWLINEThe workshop was designed based on extensive research and interviews with refugees, NGOs, and psychologists. The project was selected for the Paula Rhodes Award, which is given to the best Master’s thesis for quality and originality.